About Us

S&G Labs Hawaii, LLC was founded by Lynn Welch, MD who has been practicing and treating patients on the Big Island since 2008. As a practicing pain physician, she realizes the huge need for high-level expert care for patients treated with pain medications. She has partnered with worldwide expert, Dr. Alan Wu, a Clinical Chemist & Toxicologist to bring the best, most precise lab testing to Hawaii. Keeping all the business in Hawaii saves time and money by eliminating shipping costs and transportation time.

S&G Laboratories has advanced the science of medication monitoring with cutting edge technology and drug detection services. Our company’s goal is to provide clinicians with resources and critical assessment tools to help create treatment plans for more personalized care while reducing healthcare costs.


S&G Labs Hawaii is the only lab available that connects our islands with a worldwide network of leading chemists, toxicologists, and cutting edge
LC-MS/MS technology.


S&G meets the highest standards set by COLA, CLIA, and CAP accreditation agencies. Our team is excited about the change and growth of the healthcare industry and are committed to offering state-of-the-art services, including confirmation of all samples using LC-MS/MS testing.


At our core, S&G Labs Hawaii believes in supporting our community.
Our mission has always been to positively impact the growth and culture of Aloha in the islands. We care about the safety and prosperity of our employees, our families and our community members.