Why Test with S&G Labs

Unparalleled Service, Science & Technology

S&G Labs Hawaii is the only lab available that connects our islands with a worldwide network of leading chemists, toxicologists, and cutting edge LC-MS/MS technology.

  • Customer service and technology above & beyond the competition.
  • Ability to speak directly with one of the top academic Lab Directors, Alan Wu, PhD, with questions or concerns regarding your patients and results.
  • Personal service to collect & transport your specimens to our local lab facility.
  • Faster results (1-2 business days) since samples no longer get shipped to the mainland.
  • Easy, simple to follow results on our custom created S&G Easy-scan report.
  • Very small sample size needed.
  • Locally owned by Dr. Lynn Welch MD, a practicing physician who can counsel physicians on what & how to document properly in the case of a DEA inspection or audit.
  • All billing done in Hawaii- contracted with all Hawaii based insurance companies including Medicare & State Medicaid.
  • Keeping business and money local – creating much needed jobs on the islands.
Locally operated
Locally operated
  • Testing performed on island
  • Networked with major local insurance carriers
  • Licensed in the State of Hawaii
  • Compliant with Hawaii state and guidelines
  • Local support staff available in Hawaii time zones
  • Community focused
  • No shipping to the mainland
  • Keeps business and jobs local
  • Ultra-sensitive and specific technology
  • Lowest cutoff levels
  • Confirmation testing with LCMS/MS
  • Largest testing panel available
  • Urine and oral fluid testing available
  • Very small sample sizes needed
  • TAT (24-36 hour)
  • Accuracy 99.99% on definitive results
  • Data analytic available to evaluate facility and statewide trends
  • Local toxicologists available for assistance in interpreting results
  • Accuracy 99.99% on definitive results
  • Reports viewed via:
    • EMR Integration
    • Online portal
    • Secured Email
    • Fax

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