S&G Labs has compiled the best team of Hawaii based professional billers in order to provide a stress-free patient result. We understand medical insurance is a complicated piece of treatment and adds to the challenges of overcoming addiction and healing. Our large team works to make sure each and every patient is handled with extreme care in order to have the least amount of stress on our clinics and patients. Our approach brings value to our accounts and their clients with fabulous quality communication and a seamless experience.

Please see each Billing tab for more information on non-participating insurance, our Financial Hardship Program, and how to quickly pay your bill online.

Non-Par, or non-participating providers, are physicians or other health care providers that have not entered into an agreement with a particular insurance payer, unlike participating providers. They may also be called out-of-network providers. S&G Labs Hawaii has requested to be a participating provider with all local plans, however some plans have elected not to allow us in their network. If a patient has one of these non-participating plans, we must bill the member directly and the member is responsible for submitting a completed claim form to their insurance plan with attached copies of the bill and payment receipt for services. You may contact your plan for assistance with filing your claim. A phone number is usually located on your insurance card. You can also request that your insurance company allows S&G Labs Hawaii into their network as a participating provider.

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