Drug Screening

There are many types of methods available to screen patients and employees for illicit drugs and prescription medications from dipstick to cutting edge LC-MS/MS technology. Urine drug testing without the use of LC-MS/MS does not give you the most accurate and specific results to drugs and their metabolites.

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Learn more about the most common reasons for testing including patient safety, employee monitoring, and abuse monitoring.

We provide local full service tools, resources, and billing to quickly and efficiently have your patients and employees tested.

We offer individual test selection as well as pre-set panels.

Benefits of LC-MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry)

  • High specificity- identifies individual drugs and the metabolites versus drug classes only
  • High accuracy- less chance for false positives
  • High sensitivity- can use very low cutoff levels for superior detection rate

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