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As a physician treating pain patients there are many challenges. Pain is subjective and many times difficult to treat, leaving unanswered questions. Urine drug monitoring has become recognized and recommended by the AMA & DEA as a gold standard in those patients treated with medications for chronic pain.

S&G Labs offers physicians the ability to choose individual drugs or various panels to be tested via LC-MS/MS allowing for the highest sensitivity and specificity in the world today.

There is no cost or added time for you or your clinic staff. All samples collected in your office will be picked up & transported directly by S&G Labs. Drug adherence monitoring for your controlled substance policy is made easy and simple. This will protect your license, your patients, and the well-being of society by helping to remove drug evasion.

Fast turnaround times allow physicians to adjust, wean, or eliminate medications based on results from a detailed report. The fear of prescribing medications to patients who are using drugs of abuse or adding to the prescription drugs on the street is eliminated by knowing exactly how patients are taking their prescriptions. This testing and documentation help to lessen the medical liability for all physicians prescribing medications for pain.

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