For physicians treating patients with pain there are many challenges. Pain is subjective and many times difficult to treat, leaving unanswered questions. Many physicians choose to not prescribe controlled substances because of the fear and questions regarding abuse and addiction with their patients.

Urine drug monitoring has become widely recognized and recommended by the AMA & DEA as a gold standard in those patients treated with medications for acute and chronic pain.

Ordering and Getting Started

We offer a range of payment options and coordinate those options with our valued clients and patients. Most cases are billed directly with the patients insurance carrier or employer though other methods of payment including payment plans are available. Because S&G Labs Hawaii is located here in Hawaii, we are in-network with all local insurance carriers and understand the covered benefits for all insurance plans. Due to tight turnaround times, all samples are run first and billed later.

Contact us or call 808-329-9675 to set up one of our representatives to meet with your office in person or over the phone.

Our laboratory is conveniently located in Kailua-Kona, HI. We receive our samples by delivery or pick-up and test them right here in Kona.

We have a wide variety of tests and testing options. For a complete list of all the tests we offer please reach out to us through our Get Started or Contact Us page. We’d love to find the options that are best suited for you.

One of the biggest benefits to testing with S&G Labs Hawaii is the accessibility of our executive staff. Lab Director, Alan Wu, Ph.D. & in office Director of Lab Operations, Sarah-Beth Kosem, are both available via phone or email to help clarify questions related to test results or future testing needed. Questions related to patient care and controlled substance protocols you can implement into your office, S&G Labs CEO Dr. Lynn Welch, M.D., will handle via phone/email or in person with office lunch trainings to educate providers and the office staff.

All testing results are sent via preferred method (fax, email, EMR, or client portal) to the ordering office. If you have any questions about your results please have the ordering physician or counselor reach out to us.

Chemistry and Toxicology

Verify the temperature of the sample at the time of collection and verify at least two of the three validity results are within a normal range on the result report.

Yes! Oral fluids can be collected and tested for a majority of the panels offered for urine LCMS confirmation testing.

No, methamphetamine is not a metabolite of Adderall.

We can determine whether a source of opiates in the system potentially came from a pharmaceutical source or perhaps a natural source such as poppy seeds. If this is a concern, please reach out to us so we may assist you further.

Immunoassay, or EIA, testing is a rapid turn-around test that runs the risk of cross-reactivity and false positives. We confirm all inconsistent positives, and negatives, on LC/MS/MS to provide the most accurate results. Confirmation testing values always trump immunoassay testing.

Cutoff levels are kept high enough to account for incidental contact such as NyQuil, or other cough syrups. We also test for Dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in cough syrup, and can determine using the levels of this analyte if alcohol exposure could possibly be due to cough syrup.

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