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Welcome to S&G Labs Hawaii

S&G Labs Hawaii, LLC was founded by Lynn Welch, MD who has been practicing and treating patients on the Big Island since 2008. As a practicing pain physician, she realizes the huge need for high-level expert care for patients treated with pain medications. She has partnered with a worldwide expert Clinical Chemist & Toxicologist to bring the best, most precise lab testing to Hawaii.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Welch once again noticed an opportunity to provide improved care to the residents of Hawaii.  Her ultimate goal is to offer accurate and easily accessible results with a fast turnaround. S&G Labs moved massive amounts of resources and manpower to bring COVID-19 testing to Hawaii in order to serve those in our community. The employees at S&G Labs Hawaii are skillfully trained to be accurate, precise, and efficient to ensure the best testing options for Hawaii residents and travelers alike.

Why Choose Us

  • More sensitive results than any other lab
  • Ability to test more types of illicit drugs than other labs
  • Precise and easy to read reports
  • Accurate results you can rely on
  • Test results are available faster than other labs in the state
  • Excellent customer service

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